You need a compelling story and a solid social network to communicate with impact in the digital age. Our workshops equip you with the tools you need to achieve personal and business benefits.

All workshops are customized to your business requirements, whether you are running corporate workshops, starting up a business, or attending a workshop as an individual.


Building Basic Business Storytelling Skills

In this workshop you will learn to:

Understand the power of storytelling

Use a simple framework to develop and tell business stories relevant to your industry and line of business

Use the framework to create and practice:

  • Delivering your elevator pitch
  • Telling the story of your business
  • Telling the story of your customer

Position your business story on the right social media platforms

available in full and half day sessions

Mastering Business Storytelling Skills

In this workshop you will learn Basic Business Storytelling Skills, plus how to:

Use different parts of your story to address different audiences and reach different business objectives

Use storyboarding techniques to tell your story in a visually compelling way

Develop and tell a customer story using the storyboarding technique

Discover new possibilities for sharing your business story on social media channels

two day session including basic skills

Two in One Storytelling and Social Media

Take this crash course to learn basic business storytelling skills and create a social media program that will help you:

Position products and services

Create emotional connections

Share customer successes

Target specific audiences

Generate leads and find new customers

Get instant feedback and a better understanding of the market

Get ahead of the competition

Customizable On Demand

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