As a Business Executive, you want to focus on your business goals, whether you are starting up and trying to get funding, launching a new product overseas, negotiating a new international contract or simply managing your career with native English speaking executives.

Thanks to our international business expertise in many industries and lines of business, and our understanding of communication challenges in the digital age, we have a deep understanding of your pain points.

We are unlike other vendors who provide either English language or Business Skills education. Our unique storytelling framework enables you to leverage existing English language skills combined with your business knowledge to communicate with impact.

Being BizFluent in English has its benefits!

English is the predominant language in international business. Research conducted by the British Council reveals:

bizfluency_british-council-stats-diagramRead the full report by the British Council.

Whatever the status of the economy, when individuals need to converse, network and conduct business in English, those that have a better command of situational business English, are at a clear advantage.