What the ultimate smart toilet taught me about communications

I was recently invited to tour the Roca Gallery in Barcelona with a group of journalists. I thought I was going to a regular art gallery, but I was wrong. I was attending a brand experience.

The seven Roca Galleries around the world, from São Paulo to Shanghai, are spaces where Roca, a global leader in bathrooms, brings professionals from the fields of design, architecture, interior design, and sustainability to exchange visions and knowledge. That’s an art in itself.

Without a lot of fanfare, the Barcelona Gallery showcases Roca’s beautifully designed, sleek ceramic ware – toilets, bidets, sinks and bathtubs – around the concept of water in its different states, symbolizing its ability to adapt to change as easily as water does. 

Recently featured at the Milan Design Week, Roca has won numerous awards for design and sustainability. As anyone who understands the principles of circular economy knows, the two go hand in hand. How did a company that started out over 100 years ago manufacturing cast iron radiators reach this epitome of sleek elegance in people’s most intimate spaces?

The destination is the journey

It starts with a tagline that evokes an ageless feeling: With a past that is always present, Roca is walking towards the future. These words epitomize Roca’s vision to build a sustainable future based on its ability to reinvent itself to adapt to the times.  In our times, that translates to a keen focus on sustainability and personalized experiences, both achieved with technology.

When you tour the Roca Gallery, you are experiencing the brand narrative:

  • At the beginning is water – our most precious resource; every time you open a faucet or flush a toilet, many, many liters are going down the drain. Problematic in single households, waste is multiplied in highly transited areas like hospitals, airports, or shopping centers
  • You learn that the two Roca brothers adapted to the times and started producing boilers and cast-iron bathtubs along with their radiators; from there the company moved to glazed ceramics and started manufacturing taps
  • Next came some serious global expansion to strategic markets that were crying out for porcelain in their bathrooms, followed by a series of acquisitions
  • Because every drop of water is precious, the company created the ultimate smart toilet and other smart bathroom solutions that digitize and connect water management through an intuitive dashboard and mobile app; the solution provides connectivity to monitor water consumption, issue warnings, and provide insights on how to save water
  • Today, Roca is a world benchmark in the creation of bathroom spaces – not only because they are beautiful, but because they are sustainable 

Lessons in communications

Roca has a deep understanding of the psychology of storytelling. They understand the profound impact narratives have on human emotions, and by tapping into universal human experiences, they are connecting the brand with shared sentiments.

By telling their story through a subliminal experience Roca brings it products and solutions to life. The Roca Gallery  

  • Highlights the company’s purpose, vision and mission
  • Humanizes the brand through sensory engagement
  • Showcases innovation and commitment to sustainability
  • Differentiates the company from other ceramic ware producers, delivering a competitive advantage 

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