It All Begins With Your Story…

Your story is the foundation for all your communication. It explains what you do, why you do it, and how you do it better than everyone else. Told well, your story is your license to operate. It is the most important link between you and your business.  How fluently you communicate is more important than ever!

Our services are designed to help you develop a compelling message, and use English effectively and confidently for international business interaction.



Who benefits from BizFluency


Our service is highly effective for many individuals, specifically:

  • Executives, Senior & Mid-Level business leaders
  • Individuals looking to become business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs looking to do business in English speaking markets
  • Individuals looking to improve their employment prospects by having improved business fluency in English

In addition, it is also valuable for:

  • Thought leaders and corporate spokespeople communicating with a variety of stakeholders such as investors,  media and partners
  • Individuals with customer or partner facing roles who wish to be more articulate and effective in delivering information or their ‘story’

How our Services are Delivered

We provide services in the form of in-person Workshops (either standard or custom) and Marketing Consulting Services (either remote or in-person).

Our customized storytelling workshops focus on three areas:

  • Articulating a compelling message
  • Effective use of the English language
  • Application of your business knowledge

Workshop materials leverage your corporate content and are tailored to your industry and line of business. We provide:

  • pre-assessment of your English language skills (optional),
  • pre and post evaluation during the workshop,
  • ongoing workshop packages – to keep you BizFluent (2, 3 or 5 session package options – which can be conducted online or in person – depending on your requirement(s)).
  • BizFluency 1 hour Quick Clinics – useful for when you need to prepare for an important presentation, meeting or interview.   Offered in packages of 5 or 10 sessions for 1 hour each.  For variations on this, please contact us.

Workshops are delivered by native English (British/American) speaking communication experts with extensive international business experience. They are designed for small groups, with approximately 70% of the time dedicated to interaction and practical work.

Our marketing consulting services comprise of:

  • Messaging, Value Proposition and Purpose Development
  • Content strategy that applies storytelling and social media to your business activities such as sales, marketing, and communications
  • Social media strategy for engaging prospects and customers (via partner)
  • Social selling strategy to aid in generating leads, finding new customers (via partner)
  • Videos that show how your solution solves customer problems in a memorable way
  • A modern corporate newsroom that delivers compelling content for the digital age
  • Situational enablement strategies and workshops
  • Personal branding so that you can tell your own story and improve career prospects
  • Innovative marketing strategies and more
  • English language assessment and enablement (on demand – via partner)


Contact us today to find out how we can help YOU communicate with impact!